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Rohan OOC Information

[Pinned] About the Company

The Rohan/Rhovanion company is open to all members of the Knights of Eriador. It is directly allied to KoE and as such, all OOC and IC rules and expectations remain in place. Ways to join: The Rohan company call for aid from KoE in building and fo...
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Rohan OOC Information

OOC Preparation for Rohan

Hi all, just some heads-ups and notes:I am planning on adding an element of GMing to the Rohan RP. This does not mean everything will be rolled. It means I will bring up encounters every now and then to keep you on your toes -- we are in Rohan aft...
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Rohan OOC Information


I will by no means be asking you to roll for every single factor that comes up. In fact, you won't be rolling at all, unless you are falling down a hill ;) However, I will need you to give me the skills of your character in the "Character Skills" ...
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Rohan OOC Information

Hytbold Map

For reference when we get there! Click to enlarge
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Rohan OOC Information

Hytbold Base

Hi all,The plan in the future is to bring the base of this company to Hytbold. As you may or may not be aware, this involves rebuilding the place through quests. This requires at minimum level 84 and does take quite a long time. It is definitely a...
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