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Write up your character's back stories here! Ask for advice, or just use it as a place to keep it safe!
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Got a short story - a riddle, or just the start of a story that others can continue to chew on? Do share.... :P
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The rise of a cult - Moradar's story

Shadows Of The Crebain - The Battle Plains #1.Parallell story with: The rise of a cult - Arangilas' story ((This story will be posted in smaller parts. All adding up as the origins of the Shades Of The Crebain. To really understand what drives the...
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Arangilas Bloodrage1101Small Arangilas Bloodrage 237d

The rise of a cult - Arangilas' story

Knights OF Eriador - The Battle Plains #1Parallell story with: The rise of a cult - Moradar's story((This continues directly from Arangilas' Adventures. From this point this story is intertwined with the story of the “Shades Of The Crebain” - The ...
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Move-In Day!

Brynleigh stands at the wooden rail fence bordering the yard. Her dark blue eyes sparkle as she gazes across the lawn to the cozy little stone house with its thatched roof. Her hands are clutched together against her chest; within their grasp is a...
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Letter from Enir: Reminder of the Sea

Dear Nemmy,Things do not seem to be looking up here. There is still talk of war and dark days. I had your parents buried near Dol Amroth, beneath a tree right next to each other. Their gravestones are there so you can see them when you are able to...
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A New Direction

(quick little story I posted to LA that mentions Bryn's introduction to KoE)After encountering Neremnes in the market of Bree-town, and being offered a place with her company, Brynleigh hastened back towards the camp along the western road. She wa...
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The trip to become complete

(This happend during my time off the game^^)When I got the letter I thought questions would get some answer. But it did not, not really at least.I took the letter and went back to my room. I stayed in there for many hours reading and reading. I co...
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((To my dear everyone, this was the RP I was involved in last week with Beongarn, Braiden and Inayat, with some other fellows jumping in out of world chat… I’ve taken out odd bits and reduced a lot, as this was already a very long piece (the heali...
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Letter from Enir: Orphaned

((The letter is written with a fine lettering and a careful hand.))To Neremnes daughter of Nathamir,I, Enir, travelled with you and your parents to Bree-Land and with your parents on the long return journey to Dol Amroth. It gives me great sadness...
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Beongarn's mission

Beongarn was looking out of the window into the night, only a few houses in Hookworth had still some fires lit. He loved this view, it always calmed him down. He would have never thought that staying in Bree would change his life so much - but it ...
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An tale by the fire

The woods was as quiet of as the air itself. Here and there ancient oaks join their branches across a canopy of light brow from which rays of gold cascade around him. Between the trees he could see the orcs. They must have been travelling from An...
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New recruits and sown oaths

The splendor of the hall rises up in front of him,.The walls, old and steadfast as it was when it was first build all those years ago. In front of him it stretched upwards towards the sky. The pale moonlight, soft and radiant, cascades down the w...
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Zargodon080Small Zargodon 2y

One day in Hookworth.

It was a cool Autumn morning. Think forest branches protrude from dusky old barks. Their dark brown, arms snagging at every soft cotton on one’s frame, their fingers pulling irritatingly at the hair..From above the magnificent soft brown canopy of...
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Zargodon073Small Zargodon 2y

"My story, you ask?"

“My story, you ask?" the he laughs slightly at the question. "You want you know my story?" the Eldar is garb in thick leathers that sits comfortably on his frame. He wears his smile easy and free to give. In his eyes you can see the age of years d...
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Zargodon0161Small Zargodon 3y

Saying farewell

Tired and spent, his leathers smelling of old sweat and blood protest against his weary legs as he trudges up the steep slope that leads to his house. Carrying his bow in his hand he leads his old weathered, but well loved horse to the side of th...
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Dancing A Jig On Weathertop

This is an account of Deredan and Zargodon's recent scouting trip to Weathertop, told by Deredan in the form of a letter to his brother in Gondor.Hookworth Village, Bree-Land, May 19thDear RavondirI have danced a jig at the summit of Weathertop! I...
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Big Adventure, Little Steps: Khes Hobbithearted's Journal

{The book is travel-stained and much loved, bound in simple green leather with a little K inscribed at the bottom right corner of the cover; otherwise, it's rather unremarkable. The edge of the top is slightly blackened, like it was held too close...
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Back from Forochel

It has been such a long, long time....I had set off to Forochel to find my sister, taken into slavery by the servants of Mordor. I heard what you told me at the time but I did not listen. I thought I was ready......but I was wrong.Not soon after I...
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Ahn'nai's Journal - Entry One

I cannot believe what I have done! His anger at me is sure to be great. What will He say? What will He do if He is finding me? He cannot find me! I will not let Him! I will not! I cannot . . . There is so much I want to see, so much I want ...
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Iarfig & Robertián - The Dwarven Conspirary

After developing a very close friendship, Iarfig the Dwarf and Robertián the Elf took to the fort of Kheledul to clear out the Dourhands whom dwell there.Once the battle had ended, Iarfig and Robertián began to converse outside the fort, about per...
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