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Welcome to the Knights of Eriador
Welcome Knights!
Feel free to browse the site and look into every nook and cranny! If you're unable to find anything or have any questions, be sure to post it in the forums, or ask in the kin chat In Game.
Be sure to keep an eye on the events calender, as well as the count-down clock!

Welcome to the Knights Of Eriador

Who are the Knights Of Eriador?

The Knights Of Eriador was founded late April 2007.

We are a role-playing kinship based on the Laurelin server of The Lord of the Rings Online. In addition to role-playing we take part in questing and raiding to enjoy the mechanics and content of the game.

We have 4/5'ths of a whole Housing Neighborhood which we RP as our village, with our Kin hall, a Tavern, Shops, Trading Halls, A Library, Farms, Guesthouses, a Barracks, a jail and of course our personal houses.

We are not of a typical militaristic build - but there exists of course a chain of command and a code of honor within the order (First of all IC, but also OOC). All members are in general seen as equals.
This we feel open up for more personalized and versatile role-play without breaking the role-play purpose and conduct of the Knighthood.

The Knighthoods characters are not all warriors - we want all kind of people in our Knighthood. Farmers, Merchants, Accountants, Scholars and any kind of people with all sorts of vocations. All members who wants to follow a more militaristic path, can obtain the title of Knight of the order - If they wish to that is. If you prefer to RP a common person supporting the order, you follow a non-militaristic path.

In times of War though - even the non-militaristic characters of the order can be called upon as a reserves force in the battlefield. (a IC RP feature)

Our kinship and our characters represent a Knighthood that take pride in helping out where ever they are needed along side of the Free People of Middle Earth - It being in more humanitarian and sanitary aspects, or keeping the roads safe, salvaging arts and texts of lore and history, defending the nearby villages from bandit raids - patrolling the lands of Eriador, or joining with other forces to march to battle.

The Knighthood of the Knights Of Eriador holds these ranks:

- Recruits = Squires (Militaristic path) and Commoners (Non-militaristic path)
- Members = Knights (Armed force) and Oathsworn (Non-militaristic)
- High Nine Advisor = 6 officers elected from both Knights and Oathsworn.
- High Nine Of Preservation = 3'rd in command & General of the Reserves.
- High Nine Of Inspiration = Successor of the order & General of the Squires
- Grandmaster = Leader of the Order & General of the Knights

The 6 Advisors, 3'rd in command, Successor and Grandmaster form the Council of the Knights of the High Nine - who lead and set the course of the Order.

You can read more about our structure on our Kinship Structure tab.

We welcome all levels of RP’ers from beginners to experienced veterans. We were all new to RP at one time or another, so why not be a beginner here with us!

We guide and instruct our members to achieve the highest possible standards of Roleplaying, and as with any skill, this can be learned over time. We operate a mentoring scheme to help all recruits find their feet.

– our only real requirements for new members is that aside from a willingness to RP and learn how to RP better, they be mature and friendly.

We are above all else, above even our focus on RP, a kinship who helps each other; a group of friends who enjoy the game together, thrive upon a sense of community and camaraderie, and can share a laugh and a joke as well as loot and resources. But if you come expecting free handouts, power-leveling of your character, and items without helping in return, then this is not the kinship for you.

You can find our kinship and some of our characters on the Laurelin Archives site as well - where some of our stories are posted.

Knights Of Eriador on Laurelin Archives

We welcome you to the Knights Of Eriador!

Brywyn - Temporary Grandmistress
Arangilas Bloodrage - Founder

Brywyn / Feb 01, 2018
Salutations my good and trusted friends!

It is with a sad heart that I am stepping down from leadership but with great joy that I am passing it to Ramield. She is both Arangilas and my choice to lead this great kinship. And Oronir will be promoted to successor. Both have been with the kin a long time and are dedicated and valued members.

I have been part of KoE since the start of LotRO, nearly 11 yrs ago. I first met Arangilas in Breeland where together I bought my first horse from Hengaster Farm. It's been quite a journey since then and I have met many wonderful people along the way, some whom have become dear friends both in and outside the game. Laurelin server is a special place - it has always attracted the right sort of people, people that want to help out others, have great RP and has generally a code of conduct of high quality. It has a community like no other game has (that I have played anyhow).

I am now on a journey of my own - my own little adventure. I will be moving alone from my home in London where I have always lived, leaving family and friends, to a little 2 bedroom cottage in the middle of no-where :) I will be surrounded by fields and sheep, owls and stars at night. And oh! the stars! There are hundreds of them! We don't get to see them in London because of all the lights from the city so it is quite magical for me!

I will still play from time to time so I hope to catch you in game. I love this kin and all its members and value you all so much. Remember to Live well, Love much, Laugh often! And most importantly have fun! It is a game with which to have fun in! Enjoy!!

All my love always

Brywyn xxxx