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This is the system the kinship will use in the events; sometimes there may be some alterations, depending on the situation or the nature of the event. In any way this is the basic system, it was originally created by Valindal (aka The Grey Warden) with some minor changes from Fiontann, plus additions from Eroforth and Oronir.

1 List item one...
[/list]Life points
We have 10HP each, after the battle we regain 3HP, since we rest, unless the injury is severe (4 or less) then it takes a healer (someone with healing spells) to help you out.

2 Reroll possibility

Player rolls 55, which is located in the stalemate result.
GM: “Reroll possibility”
Player now needs to change something in the circumstances and only then is allowed to reroll. The change needs to be role-played. After the roleplay the player immediate initiate /reroll.

3 Character ROLE
The above are the rolls on which our success or failure depends, but some of us are more talented than others in some areas. For this RP-combat system, a very rudimentary sort of ‘specialization’ is used.
Each player has a primary and a secondary skill, which grants bonuses to the appropriate rolls. Combat roles, which will be rolled more frequently, gain a +10 when it`s a primary specialization, +5 when it`s a secondary skill. Non-combat roles gain greater bonuses.
So we have 8 ROLES, we choose ONLY 1 primary and ONLY 1 secondary:
 Melee (+10 / +5)
 Ranged (+10 / +5)
 Defence (+10 / +5) (lower the better so this is actually a -10/-5)

 Healing (+20 / +10)

 Stealth (+20 / +10)
 Speech (+20 / +10)
 Perception (+20 / +10)

 Animal training:
o As a primary (use Large animal companion/bannerman in a fight. 6 HP)
o As a Secondary (use small animal companion/bannerman in a fight. 3 HP)

4 Character specialisations
Based on your roles, players may also select a “specialisation”. A specialisation is either a passive buff or a special move that a player may use once every encounter.
These are the special specialisations and WE CAN CHOOSE ONLY ONE. (Either from primary or secondary roles)
 Melee
o Beserk adds 20 to first attack roll
o Double strike roll twice
o Second Wind – After dropping to 0 HP, the character revives at the start of his or her next turn with 3 HP but only if (for the moment) is no longer ‘engaged’ with an enemy.
o Disarm: you can try to hit any weapon to disarm the opponent. The weapon flies 10ft from the victim.
o Feint This will drop the enemy`s defence by 30 for anyone else attacking that same enemy that round.

 Ranged
o Knee shot will slow an enemy (if 1 dmg), -20 on each defence roll (if 2 dmg), prone during the fight (if 3 dmg).
o Eagle eye adds 20 to first attack roll
o Double Shot roll twice
o Disarm: you can shoot at a one-handed weapon to disarm the opponent. The weapon flies 10ft from the victim.
 Defence
o Feint This will drop the enemy`s defence by 30 for anyone else attacking that same enemy that round.
o Disengage You may freely step away from your opponents.
o Shield block adds 20 to a Defensive roll
o Shield bash: add 10 to defensive roll and get a free attack roll with shield (max 2 dmg though).

 Healing
o Reroll with an additional +10
o Healing hands adds 20 to one healing roll
o Healing circle you heal 2 HP to everyone that touch you including yourself (to a maximum of 10 recipients).

 Stealth
o Luck reroll non damage rolls with an additional +15
o Backstab The next attack does +1 damage
o Cunning Twist – the damage of an enemy’s final melee strike against you is turned back against the enemy itself. (If an enemy gets multiple attacks in a turn, this ‘twist’ only applies to the final attack.)
o Locksmith - This can be taken even if you are not a burglar. Allows lock picking at a +15; burglars gets +30

 Speech
o Reroll with an additional +10
o Negotiator adds 20 to any non combat speech roll
o Impersonate the player can make animal noises or mimic a sound he just heard. This can be used in combat and non-combat encounters. A bonus of 25 to the roll can be added.
 Perception
o Find traps the player does not have to be a burglar to take this. The player can search + detect if a trap is near with automatic success. He also gets a +20 on disarming the trap.
o Pathfinder adds 20 to any tracking and scouting rolls
o Sense motive gives an automatic success to know if someone is telling the truth. This skill uses observation and thus is not an exact “speak truth” power. Rather it uses observation to sense if that noble is a real noble or that his hands reveal he is actually a bandit.

5 Note it on your Bio

It would be handy if you write your skills down on your bio. That way you will never forget it and the GM can inspect you to quickly refresh his memory.

Melee = +10
Defense = +5
Special = Beserker
Chronicle TCoS:

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High Nine of...
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Welcome to another part of TCoS,

We can maximise our RP experience by making some small changes before play start.
1) Push N so floating names are off
2) Activate floating chat: To enable this option go to SYSTEM > OPTIONS > UI SETTINGS > CHAT BUBBLES.
3) Cosmetic clothing: dress appropriate to the setting. Also unequip gear that is inappropriate like a helm in tavern or gloves, weaponry etc…
4) Respect the /servertime and every 10minutes of travel is actually 80minutes of travel.
5) Please avoid some emotes which are very unrealistic or childlike.
6) To have a more realistic view on the world use 1ste person or just your head, don’t use broad view.
7) Use kinchat as OOC stuff and Say for RP. You need to ask questions during the event or the GM needs to inform you then use FS chat.
To be able to chronicle the RP-adventure the GM which record the chatmenu. But all players can aid the GM by making screenshots along the way. A photo storybook can be created afterwards.
Hope you’ll enjoy the storyline ---- Oronir
This link helps improve all RP:
Chronicle TCoS:

Officer - RP event creator - Recruiter
Skills : Tailor, Trapper and scout for KoE
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