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Arenborn Kolten

Age: 22

Height: 6'3

Born and raised amongst the Gondorian nobility, Aren felt his mentor more of a father figure than his biological parent. As far back as he can remember he spent his days training with various weapons, learning to ride a horse, to joust. He was raised to become a knight, a goal that was taken from him just as it was within his reach.


Languages: He can understand Westron and Sindarin, with some degree of Rohirric.

Melee combat: Aren is of deadly proficiency with his long sword, the two handed weapon rarely out of arms reach. He also posseses a strong capability with a halberd or with his bare hands. Other melee weapons he can use to some degree include maces, flails, single handed swords,axes and spears. His ability with these weapons shows his training with them, though no where as extensive as that with his sword.

Horse Riding: He is very capable while mounted, skilled in mounted combat and jousting.

Combat First Aid: He possesses a degree of ability in basic treatments of battlefield casualties. Knowing how to prevent a casualty from dying of their injury, at least until they get proper help.

Tactics: Studied battle tactics during his training, and has a degree of understanding of the discipline.

Hunting/Trapping: Having spent some time travelling his mentor felt it prudent to teach Aren some basic snares and hunting techniques. His skill is low, brought down by his abilities with a bow, but it is enough to keep him alive should he need to rely on it.

Customs: He is highly capable in the customs of both Gondor and Rohan having spent time in both lands.


Cannot Speak: Can't make sounds with his throat, and is highly self conscious of this. To this end he doesn't attempt to mouth words. Relying more on miming or writing.

Archery: Though he can use a bow, his ability is rather weak compared to other combat skills. It is enough to give him a basic hunting ability.

Social Skills: His lack of voice and general bitterness about this has left him hold a grudge, and be too easy to judge someone. His untrusting nature does not help this either. If you need someone who can be blunt, to the point, and harsh, he is your guy. If not, then it's better to keep him away from sensitive matters.

Stealth: Aren is not particularly stealthy. He is not awful at it, but he is slightly below average.

Cooking: He can place food over a fire till it looks done. That's about it.

Recovering Alcoholic: He can have a half a pint, maybe a full pint of alcohol before he stops himself. He knows where that road leads and it is often a tough battle.


Drawing: Aren can draw very well, both people and places. He has some skill with makeshift maps as well, having a knack for distances and landmarks.

Reading and Writing: Can read Rohirric and Westron, and Sindarin in the common alphabet.

Hates groups and eye contact: Recent developments in his personality, since he lost his voice. He find both awkward.

Has no 'craft' beside his skill with weaponry. Being raised into nobility he had never needed one.

Not overly fond of dogs, though can put up with them.

This is still a work in progress, I can add more as I remember more.
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