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Rider on the Storm

The door banged open and in stumbled a guard, clutching at the arrow sticking from his shoulder. He managed a single “ser” before collapsing. His shoulder and arm were cold as ice and his skin white as a sheet. It took the best healers the knight...
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Farewell from Hethy

Elenath took a deep breath as she approached the kin hall. She pulled her cloak further around her shoulders with a shiver in the dark of twilight. Over one shoulder was her white and gold satchel, in her hand was her staff and around her waist wa...
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Journey to Angmar

We have decided to finish up the Journey to Angmar storyline in forum fashion, to facilitate a more speedy progression - we hope. If you just start reading here, you may be a little lost, though we will have something for a lead in. So, if you ha...
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A Long Road to Mushrooms

It was midafternoon when Ramield walked into the antechamber of the Barracks, a room lined with shields and maps. Not seeing anything of use to her present agenda, she began searching the public chests of the main room, those not associated with b...
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