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Character Backstories

Kathewyn's Life and where it went wrong

This story starts as many a fairy tale does, with a happy father holding his baby girl while the mother smiles exhausted from the bed. Soon thought this story would take a turn for the worse. A mere two years after the birth of baby Kathewyn, her ...
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Kathewyn (Current main for now)1134Small Kathewyn (Current main for now) 1y
Character Backstories

Arangilas' Adventures - The Chronicles of a Knighthood

((I will try to update the story as much as possible – but in small portions ;) This is the start in picking up the thread of what has happened to Arangilas, and why he is gone - and ultimately to reveal what has happened to him. All of the story ...
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Arangilas Bloodrage7816Small Arangilas Bloodrage 1y
Character Backstories

Arangilas - From childhood to the reforming of a Knigthood

((This is the Story of Arangilas up and till he appears in the game. It functions as a backdrop to understand who he is, what the reformed Knighthood grows out from - and of course the base on what the stories continues from. This is a revised ver...
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Arangilas Bloodrage1267Small Arangilas Bloodrage 1y
Character Backstories

Where She Went: Winter

((OOC: This is the background of Aeglirwend and Oldhindes (Hethan). It will go from their first meeting right up until Aeglirwend heads to Bree. So prepare yourselves. Or don't, whatever your groove is.)) Where She Went:...
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Character Backstories

Proficiency of characters

I open this thread to ask everyone to post here any skills or proficiency your character have. Is your character a good hunter, scout, forester, weaponsmith, cook, scholar etc? This is not limited to your chosen path ( a knight or commoner could b...
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Beongarn91255Small Brynleigh 1y
Character Backstories

The Captain of Bree (Athrodmir)

'Ello all! This is the story of Athrodmir Oakheart. I hope you all like it!The first two chapters will focus on Athrodmir's father, Bruidhor.Chapter 1: Gondorian Politics(Tolkien Time: 50 years after the death of the Dragon)“Guilty.” The singl...
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Character Backstories

Acurith - A Road Seldom Travelled: Chapter 2

She had been serving in the armies of Angmar since she was only a 14 years old maiden. Her parents had been respected member of the Iron Crown themselves and, as it is often the case, they wanted their child to follow on their footsteps. Her fathe...
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Acurith0175Small Acurith 3y
Character Backstories

A Forgotten Past (Leothross)

Introduction:This is only part of Leothross' backstory. In fact, it is so recent, it hardly seems fair to call it a "back"story. But it is his start, and may tell where he is headed. (I will add to it, incrementally, to tell his story) Part 1: At ...
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Leothross3238Small Leothross 3y
Character Backstories

Acurith - A Road Seldom Travelled: Chapter 1

Sorry for any spelling errors, as usual :PFor the past three months Daruam did everything she could to thwart Mordirith's plans. Ever since she decided to break the oath she once took in the service of Angmar, she had repeatedly but subtly sought ...
Small Acurith 3y
Acurith0179Small Acurith 3y
Character Backstories

Castion - The nature of the beast. Pt.1

Hey there, i thought i might right out my full backstory for those of you that would like to know a bit more ^^ hope you enjoy it.The crack of thunder fills the forest in the bree fields as a bolt of lightning illuminates the sky in a flash, the r...
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Character Backstories


~ This piece is from Gleoborn's past, he is now in his late 20s ~The hills of Rhuduar rolled around them from behind the small village. Filthy warriors sat in a circle on poles, logs, pots and carts; all them watching the spectacle being played ou...
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Zargodon0124Small Zargodon 3y
Character Backstories

Acurith - A Road Seldom Travelled: Prologue (2 / 2)

Rushat's execution scene still plagued her, even now after almost one month. Although she averted her eyes as the sword descended upon his neck, the horrifying sound of his head hitting the stone floor sent shivers though her whole body. It wasn't...
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Acurith0119Small Acurith 3y
Character Backstories

Acurith - A Road Seldom Travelled: Prologue (1/2)

I decided to write down my most recent character's backstory, something some of the kinnies further encouraged me to do. Thanks for the support and interest, guys! :) Anyway, I hope you like it and please forgive any spelling errors :P Daruam loo...
Small Acurith 3y
Acurith0183Small Acurith 3y
Character Backstories

Iri's Oodles of Alts!

I thought I'd post something here, so that both I and everyone else can keep track of them all xD IridotFemale Hobbit - Hunter - Level 100Explorer - Prospector (Tier 9) // Forester (Tier 9) // Tailor (Tier 9)A young Hobbit, not yet of age at only ...
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Iridot Fleetfoot0153Small Iridot Fleetfoot 3y
Character Backstories

Deredan's background

I thought I'd post here the bumf I wrote for the Laurelin Archives, in case anyone's curious about Deredan…Deredan’s olive skin marks him out as a man of the south, but he has the aquiline features, grey eyes and lofty stature of the Dunedain. He ...
Small Deredan Enimrath 4y
Deredan Enimrath1134Small Deredan Enimrath 4y
Character Backstories

History of Zargodon

Varllemon Eilenodell was one of the founders of The Grey Havens, who founded the settlement of Celondim at the start of the Second Age. He did not wish to take part in Noldorin affairs and chose to keep his people, the Elgath, as safe from harm as...
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Character Backstories

Brywyn's Story

Brywyn is around the age of 28 summers.Brywyn was born to Hathawyn and Beorht and first opened her eyes on her grandparents' farm which lay between Thornhope and Eaworth in the Entwash Vale, Eastern Rohan. Later her parents moved back to the Norc...
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Brywyn3335Small Brywyn 4y
Character Backstories

History of Elmrandir, son of Ithilion

The tale of my times is full of sorrow and love, for much have I lost in the years I have lived. Yet I cling to the hope that the sun will yet rise and light the pathway to my true destiny.I was born, Elmrandir, in the white city of Minas Tirith,...
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Character Backstories

Willowgar Pineglove. Minstrel Bard.

Hello, Knights! I just joined the kinship and I am currently working on developing my character. I thought I might take a bit advice from you guys because in truth I'm finding it a bit difficult. I'll post everything I have currently written with ...
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Character Backstories

Heldrandir, of the Golden Wood

Heldrandir is born in 1134 TA in Lorien, their parents had left Middle Earth when he was just 20, they would have wanted that he had left the Golden Wood with them, but he refused to leave his friends and his duty as warden of the borders.Eventual...
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