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[SKILLS] Arenborn

Arenborn KoltenAge: 22Height: 6'3Born and raised amongst the Gondorian nobility, Aren felt his mentor more of a father figure than his biological parent. As far back as he can remember he spent his days training with various weapons, learning to r...
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[SKILLS] Oronir

General:For more info about background see here.Name: Oronir, son of ThoranorAge: 40 Height: 1m75Skills:Hunting animals for their skin and meat is how Oronir was raised to eventually make leather goods out of them. So the following skills are at t...
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[SKILLS] Otarnon

Name: Otarnon, son of Oalen of Dinadab.Age: 32 ?? ((May change))Height: 5"4Otarnon is a short man from Lamedon in Gondor. He took great interest in horse riding and archery a a young boy and spent every spare moment he had training in the two. Bec...
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