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Fixing Me

(Just a poem I wrote in my spare time. Not work of the masters, I'll grant, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless xox)I want to take all my ribsAnd snap them quite in two.“How odd,” you will say to me!But I will be wrought anew.Pull my intestines o...
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The history of the Sindarin

Sindar (Grey People, Grey Elves) The Sindar were born from the Teleri and accepted the invitation to set off on the Great Journey, but never having been to Valinor they were not counted as part of the Elves of light and rather known as the Elves o...
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Iridot's Material Ordering Service

Iridot's Ore-fully Tree-mendous Stall((This is a temporary spot, I will move this thread when I'm told off a more suitable place for it is available :P ))With the Market events becoming more regular, I thought I'd start up my own little stall!This...
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Now this is a fun little game that we can continue on in game as well. The idea is we all write a paragraph of the story and slowly piece it together. The rules are simple, you have to at least begin with the last phrase used in the post before yo...
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