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Roleplay Tips

[Pinned] Knights of Eriador ~ Titles & Occupations

Considering the amount of roles that we take on during role-play, it would be good to have a list of titles to use as a RP resource. This is because our titles and occupations IC differ from what we do behind the scenes, OOC. So if you have a resp...
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Roleplay Tips


This is for ALL our members, and it is very important you all read it - AND take notice from it... i have been getting a few reports back from the RP community that some of these basic rules have been broken during casual RP by a few of our member...
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Roleplay Tips

The Knight's Symbol.

I've done some digging through the website and have found no trace of this, so I'll raise it here.What is the symbol for the Knights? Since I've been here I've never actually been sure, because there are no symbols on the website or anywhere else....
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Roleplay Tips

RP roles throughout the kinship.

Before I start I have to give credit to Elcherdis for bringing this idea to light!This idea mainly concerns those who have chosen the militaristic path, but can of course work for non-militaristic as well. Please note that this is intended as an I...
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Roleplay Tips

Usefull site for background information

If you do not want to read the Silmarillion and Tolkiens other work, here is a great background information post about middle earth and its denizens. still, if you reall...
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Roleplay Tips

Elf backround story check

Alright, I am new to the whole rp in games and, in case you have not noticed by the constant blabbering of me, I am really excited of the possibilities. However my hindrance if off course the very thing that brings joy to the rp, Tolkien's world. ...
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Roleplay Tips

Som RP Advices by Farathan

A few roleplaying pointers by Farathan AssumptionsWhen it comes to Lotro you should rarely assume what other people might know or not know. It can ruin a great deal to find out things that they did not wish their characther to find out.Example : Y...
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