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A beginning

by Colren on Jan 16, 2016 at 03:49 PM}
The coins clinked with a depressingly small tinkle in his gauntled hand , Three months of traveling , fighting off goblinkind , raiders and worse , and this was all he had to show for it..
More scars on his longblade , chainmail badly in need of repair , and no caravan's heading back towards gondor for at least a month..

"Troubles in the east" people were saying , "not worth the trip"..Colren sighed and tucked the silver back into a pouch , looking around the cramped dirty town of Bree , distictly unimpressed by what he saw. Shifting the hilt of his sword to a more comfortable angle on his back he grunted and headed towards the ringing sounds of the smithy.
At least with his arms and armour in good repair he had a chance of picking up some mercenary work in the area , tales of Orcs camping along the north roads had been circulating through the travelers for a few days , if nothing else the scum might have enough plunder to feed them for a few days.

As if summoned by his thoughts , his silent companion appeared from the innyard gates , carrying the soggy banner and short sword she'd salvaged from the ruins of her village , He'd tried to settle her in towns along the road or at least give her better wargear , but she refused to leave his side , ever since he'd slashed his blade through the Orc about to cut her down as she cowered weeping on the corpses of her family , she'd been his companion , silent, ghostlike a waif of battle.

"come on lass" he said nodding towards the smithy. "at least it should be warm in there"

They walked on through the drizzle , side by side.


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