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A Vow of Silence Part 4

by Arenborne on Dec 05, 2016 at 11:29 PM}
Arenborn spent a long time in Bree. He spent a lot of it with Tosie, and a little with his extended family, though he didn’t spend too long with them.

He had spent time with them sure, but was wandering if Blince was more similar to Logan than he had hoped. His cousin, Rin, had shown her uncle an engagement ring on her hand. He had not been happy. He did not like whoever the man was, and claimed he would refuse to let her marry. It ends with the girl throwing a mug at the wall and storming out. Ardyth, Aren’s other cousin had arrived midway through the fight. Rather than watching from afar like Aren, she tried to get involved, mostly to calm her half-sister. It didn’t work, and Rin claimed she was moving out of the family home. Blince and Logan now seemed more similar than ever.

After Blince had disappeared in a rage, Ardyth sits with Aren, and they talk. It was a deep, get to know one another talk, discussing their different life paths, what they thought of Bree-land and what they planned to do in the future. It was a good talk, and Aren felt more connected to Ardyth than before.

As for being with Tosie… well. She knew how to live with being a mute. She knew how to cope and handle things. She was content without a voice, for that was who she had always been. In all, she was the opposite of Aren. Aren who drank too much too often. Aren who had become surly, angry, and bitter at his lack of voice. Aren who didn’t know where he was going with life. The more time he spent with her, the more he admired her. He was certainly developing feelings. Was it love? Maybe, he thought it was. And yet… if she caught him at an exceptionally low moment, where he could think of nothing but how much he wished for his voice, she got angry. She got angry at him for wanting back what he had lost. Because, as she told him, she was fine which meant he should be to. That cut deep.

During his time in Bree, Aren heard tell of a knightly order. He had not expected to find any such group outside of Gondor, yet he soon discovered they were in fact real. Not like the Gondorian nobles, and more like anyone who could fight and take the oath. A knighthood. It was all he had ever wanted since he was a child. The only thing he had wanted. And if they were knights then so be it they would do.

He spent a little time with them, and found them to in fact be a good group of people. But it did not last long, for Tosie left for Rohan with her brother, and Aren was feeling increasingly agitated. He needed to visit his masters grave. He did not know why, nor could he explain it. He just knew he must visit. In their time apart, the two mutes exchanged exactly two letters. Tosie never sent more and Aren realised exactly what being with her had been doing to him. He certainly felt something for her, but he knew then that it had not been healthy. Being back in Gondor was strange to him. The land he had been born and raised in, only to be rejected by it, yet the familiar landscape brought him a degree of inner peace.

Then, one day, it was before him. The grave of Sir Elmir.

Arenborn fell to his knees, head bowed as tears fall into the already damp grass, the sun setting ahead of him.


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