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A Vow of Silence part 6

by Arenborne on Jun 11, 2017 at 11:58 AM}
Leaves rustle as the warm summer breeze rushes through the trees and the water rushes along the stream that ran through the village, Aren smiles as those sounds are joined the clip clopping of heavy hooves, plodding along the paved bridge. Flowers were blossoming in the village as the sun shone down, a warm and bright day to match his emotions. He was home at last.
Five weeks he had been away on a patrol for the knights, but never had days felt longer to him. Not even when he had lain in bed for weeks with no voice, his father figure dead, and no one to come and find him. Even those days had seemed short in comparison. This though, being separated from Inayat, had been agony. He had awoken each day, thinking of her, and all through the ride till the moment he lay his head on his makeshift pillow each night she would remain in his thoughts. Her vibrant red hair, lively smile, her smattering of freckles, she was there in his mind’s eye down to the last detail. Her blue eyes, infectious laugh, and gentle voice, he longed for it every waking hour and in the world of dreams as well.
What he missed most though, was her understanding of him. With her, he felt almost normal again, as though he had his voice still. Sure, sometimes she couldn’t quite get his gestures, and the more difficult topics he had to write down still, but they got by easily enough with gestures in a way that no one else could. He had tried with these people he was riding with but was returned blank looks till he wrote something down. Inayat understood him, and would try her best till she got it right, and that was what he loved about her, or one of the many things.
About halfway through the journey, he had decided on something. When he returned home, he would begin the planning of their wedding. Sure, they were engaged but hadn’t ever gotten around to planning, they always got distracted. He wanted to marry her though, and every day he was apart from her only increased that ache, that need. So, he decided, he would get to it when he returned, and the sooner they were wed the happier he would be. With these thoughts in mind, he distracted arrived at their home and dismounted Tarphal before heading to the door. That was when he was ambushed.
From above him came a shout of his name, and he was leaped upon by a small, fiery Rohirric woman. Her arms wrap around him as he catches her, laughing his odd, soundless laugh as he spins her in a circle before placing her on her feet and pulling her into a deep loving kiss. Now, being with her again it feels as though the last five weeks had been the emptiest of his life. Without her, he had had nothing, with her, he had everything.
After a time spent on the porch she takes him inside and begins cooking, and despite his efforts she refuses to let him help, telling him he had been on the road to long. The food was good, she was still learning to cook and there were some improvements that could probably be made, but he didn’t voice his concerns, she had cooked possibly the best meal he had ever tasted. Or at least, that was the impression he tried to give. She might have had criticisms, but he certainly did not.
When they were mostly finished, he shows her his book, and what he had been working on while away and when she was cooking. One page depicts them in a sketch, her hands in his as they lean in to kiss one another while surrounded with flowers, whilst the other page explains how soon he wishes to marry her.
She takes her time to read before taking his hand and answering with exactly what he wanted to hear, “Me too. Every day you were gone was lonely. I mean, there were some happy times around town and places, but it just felt off not to be sharing that with you, and not getting to talk to you about things.”
From there, they begin making their plans, who to invite, where to hold it, when. Though they only decide on people to invite, they had yet to look at places, and couldn’t chose a date till all else was sorted. Despite this, Aren was content, it was a step in the right direction, even though they got distracted again.
The next day, they travelled to the barracks together, to do what they always do to express their love, batter the other with a training weapon. Back and forth the duel goes, till they hit the floor together, weapons at each other’s throat. With a laugh, they share a kiss and end they spar, happy to be in one another’s company again at last.


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