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Brywyn / Feb 01, 2018
Salutations my good and trusted friends!

It is with a sad heart that I am stepping down from leadership but with great joy that I am passing it to Ramield. She is both Arangilas and my choice to lead this great kinship. And Oronir will be promoted to successor. Both have been with the kin a long time and are dedicated and valued members.

I have been part of KoE since the start of LotRO, nearly 11 yrs ago. I first met Arangilas in Breeland where together I bought my first horse from Hengaster Farm. It's been quite a journey since then and I have met many wonderful people along the way, some whom have become dear friends both in and outside the game. Laurelin server is a special place - it has always attracted the right sort of people, people that want to help out others, have great RP and has generally a code of conduct of high quality. It has a community like no other game has (that I have played anyhow).

I am now on a journey of my own - my own little adventure. I will be moving alone from my home in London where I have always lived, leaving family and friends, to a little 2 bedroom cottage in the middle of no-where :) I will be surrounded by fields and sheep, owls and stars at night. And oh! the stars! There are hundreds of them! We don't get to see them in London because of all the lights from the city so it is quite magical for me!

I will still play from time to time so I hope to catch you in game. I love this kin and all its members and value you all so much. Remember to Live well, Love much, Laugh often! And most importantly have fun! It is a game with which to have fun in! Enjoy!!

All my love always

Brywyn xxxx
Arangilas Bloodrage / Jul 17, 2016

Greetings all - Knights, Allies as well as Visitors!

For those who don't know me, I am Arangilas Bloodrage - or Christian Tornholm-Lehn which is my RL name. I am a Game Dev, SFX and Music Composer. I am also the Founder and 1st Grandmaster of the Knights of Eriador.

I have just recently released the Official Soundtrack for the Medieval Sandbox MMORPG "Life is Feudal" - Which I am the music composer of.
The soundtrack consists of Medieval/Celtic inspired music, wrapped in with cinematic elements.

Here are a few samples from the "Life is Feudal" Soundtrack:

- Feast at Solstice - Life is Feudal Soundtrack -
- Life is Feudal - Life is Feudal Soundtrack -
- Ambush at Dawn - Life is Feudal Soundtrack -

Life is Feudal Website

A fun fact around this is that some of the themes and melodies from the "Life is Feudal" Soundtrack originally appeared to me a good few years ago, when I was thinking of making a Knights of Eriador Adventures Album. And while I were creating the music for "Life is Feudal" I started reliving so many characters, RP situations, Raids and Stories I have been so lucky to be a part of during all my years as leader and active member of the Knights of Eriador.

I am now announcing that I will be making the "Knights of Eriador Soundtrack" for our 10 year anniversary 30 april 2017

The album will be a dedication to all the people who have been part of the Knighthood along with those who have interacted with us throughout the years since the Knights of Eriador was founded with the release of Lotro - and up til today with the current members and the allies of KoE.

You all ROCK!

If you find yourself visiting my YouTube channel, and listening to the music - feel free to subscribe and you will be notified when I release new music for the games I am composing music for - and eventually also the full "Knights of Eriador" Soundtrack.

If you are new to this site, or just curious about the Knights of Eriador - hand in your application, or be sure to contact one of our members in game for some welcomed RP.

Thank you for your attention, and your support!

I goth-e-goth nîn vellon nîn

(the enemy of my enemy, is my friend)

Arangilas Bloodrage
Founder of Knights of Eriador
Beongarn / Feb 16, 2016
Dear Kinnies,

It has been a while since my last message but I am back with some exciting news.

Firstly we did a little restructure and I am happy to announce that Leothross and Anglaraen have joined the Council of the High Nine.

We have also re-opened our very own tavern in Hookworth, the Sizzling Turtle. So feel free to visit it if you fancy a drink. We will run our regular tavern night every other week.

In addition we will organise a few more RP events. Oronir will continue his great campaign, the orcs in the north story will progress, more RP opportunities in Hookworth will be offered. We will also continue with our weekly Fellowship night to help with quests and instances– we might even try to run a raid in the future if there is interest.

We have also created a Facebook page for Knights of Eriador. If you want to join the closed group, send an email to Hethan or me so we know who to accept.

In the meantime, please let any officer know if you have ideas, suggestions or if you want to help. I think we have such a great group in our kin, and hopefully we can continue having a lot of fun online.

That’s it for now.

Lots of love,

Beongarn / Nov 22, 2015
Hello everyone,

it is time for another update what is going on within the kin.

Winter is coming, the weather gets colder, and thankfully the Christmas markets are opening here in my hometown tomorrow - which means lots of mulled wine and waffles other delicious food available on a daily basis.

But of course we aim to do new things in the Kin as well.

There is obviously the RP campaign run by Oronir. The story is continuing, and will do so over the next few weeks. Make sure you join whenever you can - it is lots of fun.

Another storyline is starting as well - it is based on a patrol the Order did a while ago. For this we will use the war-lite system that was introduced in the kin a few years ago. So sharpen your blades, some battles will come our way - hopefully with some bigger development coming our way

Regarding Fellowship events I will provide some dates for a potential Helegrod raid - hopefully we get some interest within the kin.
Some other FS sessions will be offered. I might be tempted to ask everyone to pack their bags for a little trip to Goblin Town.

We are also considering utilising our warehouse in Hookworth a bit, and as a result might try to organise a market day in Hookworth - open for the whole of Laurelin. Keep an eye on the forum with more information - I really hope there is a wide interest for such an event.

In addition of organised RP session it would also be nice if specific tasks could be given to individual members. To enable us to do so I would like to ask everyone to check the following forum thread and add the relevant information about your character.

Last but not least, as w have so many characters here it would be nice to add the main proficiencies to the signature here on the forum, and also a link to your profile on Laurelin Archive - if you are registered there.

That's it from me.

I hope to see you all in game again soon,

Beongarn / Oct 24, 2015
Dear Kinnies,

The Order had a successful week. Last Saturday we took part of the Archet Aid, a sever wide event in Archet. Our Archery contest was popular, and we received some very good feedback. And most important, everyone who helped, Oronir, Madelief and Wulfston, enjoyed it.

But that is not everything. Oronir has started the second chapter of his RP campaign. The first two evenings have been played – but it is not too late. You can still join. Watch out the calendar for the next events.

After some enjoyable Fellowship nights on every Monday (sign up on the calendar), where we headed to Carn Dum recently, the idea was raised to do some raids as well. Seeing that we have a few character over level 50 we are now considering a trip to Helegrod. Check out the thread to let us know if you are interested.

And we are also planning some other bits, from resurrecting our nemesis kin as well as some different events and new RP roles in the village. Keep an eye on the forum and news to see.

Lastly, we are back on Laurelinarchive. It is a great way to be involved in the RP world of Laurelin. If you want to be seen as member of the Order please follow the guidelines Oronir has posted as message. It will be added on the forum as well.

I will see you back in game next week - after my well deserved holiday.

Beongarn / Oct 07, 2015
Dear kinnies,

The days turn shorter, and the evenings become longer, Laurelin has welcomed new players courtesy of a server merge – and some exciting things will happen here over the next few weeks.

Oronir will commence with Chapter 2 of his RP campaign, and the Knights of Eriador will take part of the server wide event Archet Aid – running an Archery competition.

And obviously we will run our usual weekly events in our village, and also organise Fellowship night. So check our calendar and sign up for our events – it will help us organising our events more accurately.

You will also notice some small changes to our website, and more will follow. So please use the forum, journals and galleries to share your background, start RP stories or just post some great pictures from the game.

Have a great week and see you in-game.

Brywyn / Jul 21, 2015
Dearest Kinnies

Summer is again upon us and it is the time for holidays, sunshine, beaches, delicious food and drink ... and with it will bring a time of quiet within the Kinship. Kinnies are realising that there is life beyond LOTRO and will be off exploring new places or revisiting old favourites.

For myself, I will be around all through summer - when work allows me, so I hope to see those of you that are holidaying on the beaches of Evendim :D

Big hugs to all

Brywyn xxx