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Life is Feudal Official Soundtrack composed by KoE Founder - Announcing coming Knights of Eriador Soundtrack for 10'th year anniversary!

Arangilas Bloodrage / Jul 17, 2016

Greetings all - Knights, Allies as well as Visitors!

For those who don't know me, I am Arangilas Bloodrage - or Christian Tornholm-Lehn which is my RL name. I am a Game Dev, SFX and Music Composer. I am also the Founder and 1st Grandmaster of the Knights of Eriador.

I have just recently released the Official Soundtrack for the Medieval Sandbox MMORPG "Life is Feudal" - Which I am the music composer of.
The soundtrack consists of Medieval/Celtic inspired music, wrapped in with cinematic elements.

Here are a few samples from the "Life is Feudal" Soundtrack:

- Feast at Solstice - Life is Feudal Soundtrack -
- Life is Feudal - Life is Feudal Soundtrack -
- Ambush at Dawn - Life is Feudal Soundtrack -

Life is Feudal Website

A fun fact around this is that some of the themes and melodies from the "Life is Feudal" Soundtrack originally appeared to me a good few years ago, when I was thinking of making a Knights of Eriador Adventures Album. And while I were creating the music for "Life is Feudal" I started reliving so many characters, RP situations, Raids and Stories I have been so lucky to be a part of during all my years as leader and active member of the Knights of Eriador.

I am now announcing that I will be making the "Knights of Eriador Soundtrack" for our 10 year anniversary 30 april 2017

The album will be a dedication to all the people who have been part of the Knighthood along with those who have interacted with us throughout the years since the Knights of Eriador was founded with the release of Lotro - and up til today with the current members and the allies of KoE.

You all ROCK!

If you find yourself visiting my YouTube channel, and listening to the music - feel free to subscribe and you will be notified when I release new music for the games I am composing music for - and eventually also the full "Knights of Eriador" Soundtrack.

If you are new to this site, or just curious about the Knights of Eriador - hand in your application, or be sure to contact one of our members in game for some welcomed RP.

Thank you for your attention, and your support!

I goth-e-goth nîn vellon nîn

(the enemy of my enemy, is my friend)

Arangilas Bloodrage
Founder of Knights of Eriador


I hope you're not as scary as Beon. He scares my socks right off every single time, and I keep losing them and it's just the worst but he's pretty like a flower in a garden and he gives me ale so it's not so bad. With a name like Bloodrage, I don't think I have anything to worry about though. Everyone else is real nice, and I'm thiiiiis glad the kin exists because I love them all to bits.
I've been listening through your soundtrack and man, it's awesome. Would be super keen to buy the game... except I'm little and have no money haHAH. What's also amazing is that you've chosen to make a soundtrack for the dear little kin! How many songs are you going to do? For inspiration will you have to come back online? *sneaky wink* Or is it all too early to be asking this? I dunno, it sounds really cool and I reckon the kin will be simply chuffed.

Best wishes!!
A random kinnie <3 <3
Hey Aran! I posted your music link on our FB account a few weeks ago. Great music as always and great to hear from you. Your little girl is adorable by the way :D

love always

Elri/Bry xxxx
Thank you for your support!

I have sent a petition to join the FB site :)
And yeah - Lyrah is a sunbeam and just crazy fun to watch her grow up.
Her name actually was first thought out as a name for one of the characters Susanne (Aka Milinea) made here in Lotro and KoE. :)

Hethan - Thanks for the kind words.
And Beon is just as scary as he seems. But his ale is good, so its worth it :P
I am just kidding. He's all pink and fluffy :D

Regarding online time, its always a good question. I try to get some online time from time to time. But its not that easy with so much going on (which ultimately is a good thing) - But I try to get on and do some casual RP, which is rather hard storywise on Arangilas. So you will probably first of all end up meeting one of my alts which is not that tied up to stories ;)

But I will try to let you know when I can.

However I promise I will be around for the 10th year anniversary - FOR SURE! I would not miss that for anything in the world! :)
I don't know why anyone would think I am scary. I am just a lovely person....really!!! But I think I need a serious word with Heth aaa fisrt ;)

It would be good to have you back from time to time Aran - I always enjoyed our RP.

And having a KoE soundtrack - now that would be special. So we better start planning for a big party then to celebrate that event ;)

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