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Brywyn / Feb 01, 2018
Salutations my good and trusted friends!

It is with a sad heart that I am stepping down from leadership but with great joy that I am passing it to Ramield. She is both Arangilas and my choice to lead this great kinship. And Oronir will be promoted to successor. Both have been with the kin a long time and are dedicated and valued members.

I have been part of KoE since the start of LotRO, nearly 11 yrs ago. I first met Arangilas in Breeland where together I bought my first horse from Hengaster Farm. It's been quite a journey since then and I have met many wonderful people along the way, some whom have become dear friends both in and outside the game. Laurelin server is a special place - it has always attracted the right sort of people, people that want to help out others, have great RP and has generally a code of conduct of high quality. It has a community like no other game has (that I have played anyhow).

I am now on a journey of my own - my own little adventure. I will be moving alone from my home in London where I have always lived, leaving family and friends, to a little 2 bedroom cottage in the middle of no-where :) I will be surrounded by fields and sheep, owls and stars at night. And oh! the stars! There are hundreds of them! We don't get to see them in London because of all the lights from the city so it is quite magical for me!

I will still play from time to time so I hope to catch you in game. I love this kin and all its members and value you all so much. Remember to Live well, Love much, Laugh often! And most importantly have fun! It is a game with which to have fun in! Enjoy!!

All my love always

Brywyn xxxx


Sounds an amazing adventure!!
Take care and until our roads cross again
This is heartbreaking and bittersweet news, dear Brywyn. I haven't had the honor of RPing with you much, but OOC you have been a kind and admirable and uplifting person in the group. Your positive and friendly presence will be missed, and I hope you still check in with us and keep us posted as often as you can.

Best wishes and God bless <3
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