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Our History

Originally formed by Eldonaar Bloodrage, the Knights of Eriador were a secret group of Nine warriors who fought against the enemies of Gondor and Eriador. The Bloodrage family had always been a part of the watchers and protectors of Middle Earth, whether their job had been as personal guards for Kings, or as rangers and spy's, always looking for word and clues that would be imperative in the battle against the evil and terror that threatened the free people of ME. They also collected and salvaged whatever old scripts and ancient lore they could uncover on their travels.

After being betrayed by a Commander of Gondor, Mitchem by name, each of the Nine knights were systematically hunted down and killed. Eldonaar's wife, Erawyn Fairwind and son, Arangilas, had previously taken refuge in Rivendell. After Eldonaar did not return to them, Arangilas, together with his close friend Elfendil, travelled for many years to discover the fate of his father. Finally, they discovered the betrayal of Mitchem and the death of Eldonaar by his hands. In retribution, Arangilas retrieved his fathers' armour and in hate and fury attempted to take up his fathers' mantle. However, failing in his charge, Arangilas spent the next few years wandering aimlessly, lost from his cause, tormented by treachery and his failed attempt at carrying on his fathers' legacy. One night, recovering from an injury, Arangilas received a vision from Eldonaar:

'Garo amdir, Pinig ... I have faith in that you will overcome your demon ... And once more restore our name - and let it once more be a testament to our believes in caring for, and respecting all living creatures - and a testament to our fight against anyone, or anything that tries to enslave or rob them from their freedom' (Garo amdir, Pinig = Sindarin for: Have hope, little one)

On waking from this vision, Arangilas felt his resolve strengthen and hope flood his body. He retrieved his fathers' old books and accounts of the knighthoods deeds through time. One of the books was imbued with red leather and on the front cover there are four traingles outlined in gold - making one larger triangle. The middle triangle is upside down and coloured black. The insignia of the Knights of Eriador. His father's words came back to him: 'Free will' ... words that had been the solid building blocks for what his father and forefathers before him had fought dearly for.

Arangilas reformed his fathers' order of Knights but this time consisting of Nine Officers and many followers - to create an army, a substantial force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. They would have respect for all living things, holding honesty, honour and virtue first. They would not be tempted by the thought of glory, riches, fame or power. They would fight against anyone or anything that tried to enslave or rob the vulnerable from their freedom. He would take up his fathers' mantle once again and be proud to be a Knight of Eriador and regain his honour.

After many successful years, Arangilas left on a journey that would take him far from Eriador. He left his legacy in the hands of his faithful companions, who would carry on the work of his forefathers. Their work would continue ...

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