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A few miles southeast of Bree...

... a ring of high hills rise up, impassable but for a single, narrow road that one might miss if he weren’t looking.

A stone arch stands over the road, its stonework old but strong, supporting a wooden gate. Two guards wait there to greet any passing traveler. Within this valley is nestled the village of Hookworth. Seemingly in all appearances like most any other town of Bree-land, quiet and unassuming, this town contains something others do not: the home of the Knights of Eriador.

The village of Hookworth was established by Arangilas Bloodrage and his followers both as a place of rest for those seeking refuge and as a headquarters for the Knights of Eriador. While the village itself is roughly a decade old, it was built on ruins much older. Scattered throughout the newer houses and establishments are old stone structures, the most notable of which is the pavilion erected atop the hill in the center of town. They appear to be left over from the Dunedain, evidence that this was once, perhaps, one of their settlements in the kingdom of Arnor.

Another impressive structure stands atop that hill; a great hall. The residents of the town refer to it only as The Sanctuary; however, those with greater knowledge know it to be the meeting place of the Knights of Eriador. The Order watches over Hookworth, and in turn, the townspeople aid and support the Knights.

As you descend into the town, you hear the quiet rumble of a distant waterfall, the laughter of children splashing in a brook, chirping birds taking flight, and music and chatter as you near the center of town. A merchant you pass calls you to come and try his wares; another voice invites you to enjoy a hot meal at the tavern.

Perhaps you might think to yourself that this could be a pleasant place to rest for the night.