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Rules of the Knights of Eriador

Please note: All these rules are currently being tested and may be subject to change between now and 1st Jan 2014. If changes are made they will be highlighted.

First, the bad stuff:

1. Bad Behaviour is a grounds for dismissal from the kinship.
1.1. Bad behaviour is classed as:
1.1.a Racism, Sexism, Agism, or any other prejudice based -ism.
1.1.b Sexual or Non-sexual Harassment
1.1.c Excessive foul language
1.1.d Excessive use of sexually explicit/suggestive language
*we have players of many nationalities and creeds, please be considerate in use of what others may consider foul or explicit language when chatting openly. Should you feel take offence with a kinmate over either of the previous two rules, take it up first with that kinmate privately. If a resolution cannot be reached, consult an officer.
1.1.e RolePlaying in an offensive way.
1.2 Bad behaviour should be reported to any officer if witnessed

2. Bad Role Playing Practice is also grounds for dismissal.
2.1. Bad role playing practice consists of
2.1.a Knowingly breaking the lore.
2.1.b RPing your character as a villain, aggressive or anything not fitting with the knights philosophy
2.1.c Harassing others in your RP (see 1.1.b)
2.2. Any member RPing badly should be notified and corrected
2.3 Consistent bad RP should be reported to an officer

3. Inactivity is grounds for dismissal.
3.1 Inactivity is defined as a period in which no character in the kin has logged into the game.
3.2 Recruits who are inactive for the length of their trial shall be dismissed.
3.2.a Notice will be given a week before end of the trial
3.3 Members who are inactive for 60days shall be given 30days warning.
3.3.a After the warning period members will be dismissed if the council agreed.
3.4 Officers will be demoted after 90 days inactivity.
3.4.a Grandmaster, Inspiration & Preservation must all agree on demotion
3.4.b After demotion, member inactivity rules will start to be applied.
3.4.c AFK messages will not always prevent demotion
3.5 No-one with an active AFK message will be dismissed.
3.6 In game and website messages will be sent upon dismissal

4. Any dismissal or demotion can be argued against
4.1. A formal complaint against the dismissal or demotion must be made to the Grandmaster, Inspiration or Preservation through a website message.
4.2 All complaints shall be considered.
4.3. It will be possibly to return full status if the complaint is justified.

Second, the fun stuff

5. Promotion to Officer
5.1 Elections are to be held for 2 officer positions.
5.1.a Officers must vote in the elections
5.1.b Elected positions are for a period of 90days only.
5.1.c An elected position remains empty if there are no candidates
5.1.d There must be at least 2 candidates for an election
5.1.e Candidates must hold Knight or Oathsworn Rank
5.2. Vacant officer positions can be filledwith a vote by other officers
5.2.a Candidates can apply for any vacant position.
5.2.b Candidates must hold Knight or Oathsworn rank.
5.2.c Honoured Knights and Oathsworn will be given priority
5.3 Promotion to Inspiration & Preservation can be by Grandmaster choice only.
5.3.a Only Knights, or Knights of the High Nine may fill this role.
5.4 If the grandmaster leaves he/she may choose a new grandmaster
5.4.a If no grandmaster is chosen, the council may vote one in.
5.4.b Grandmaster can only be chosen from Knights of the High Nine.

6. Recruits Trial Period.
6.1 A recruits trial will last for 1 calendar month starting from invite day
6.1.a The trial may be extended if the recruit has a period of absence
6.1.b The trial can be extended only up until a maximum of 3 months
6.1.c A trial can be cut short and the recruit dismissed for bad behaviour.
6.2 To pass the trial a recruit must be voted in by officers
6.2.a The recruit must have achieved the rank of squire or commoner IC
6.2.b The recruit must have attended 1 mentoring session
6.3 During trial a recruit may not own a house in hookworth
6.3.a During trial a recruit may rent a house, and have access to the chest.
6.3.b Housing can be denied to a recruit if the houses owner chooses
6.4 Promotion to Knight or Oathsworn occurs at the end of the trial.
6.4.a Promotion is made by an officer, or mentor.
6.4.b Promotion must be done IC and OOC
6.5 Recruits may vote in officer elections
6.6. Recruits should report issues to Officers or their Mentor

Finally, the rest

7. Mentoring should be done during a recruit's trial period
7.1. Mentors must be Knights, Oathsworn or a higher rank.
7.2. Mentors can apply to be mentors in the Mentoring section.
7.2.a New mentors should attend a training session with the Grandmaster, Inspiration or Preservation
7.3. Recruits should choose a mentor ASAP after joining the kinship
7.4. A mentoring session is defined as
7.4.1. A RP session including mentor and recruit
7.4.2 A brief overview of kin structure, philosophy and history should be taught IC to the recruit.
7.5. At least one mentoring session should be attended before a recruit can be promoted.
7.6. If a recruit cannot organise a session with their mentor, they should organise one with any other officer.

8. Houses in Hookworth are on a first come first served basis
8.1 As houses in Hookworth open up they should be purchased by anyone of rank Knight/Oathsworn or above, asap.
8.2. It is requested that recruits do not purchase houses
8.3. It is requested that all members keep just one house for themselves
8.3.a Any additional houses should be kept as rental units for recruits or sold to other members.
8.4. It is requested that for every house, the Grandmaster, Inspiration or Preservation is given full permissions, including permissions to change permissions.
8.4.a This is so the house can be rented out in your absence
8.4.b If you suspect these permissions have been abused complaints should be reported to any other officer
8.4.c A compensation amount in Gold shall be offered.
8.4.d Any housing removed shall go to escrow, or be kept in storage for the owner.

9. Have fun.
9.1 All these rules are a drag.
9.2. They are just so we can clarify what we should do, even when the person in charge is away.
9.3. If you disagree with them tell any of the officers